Blaire White…the “Trans woman” who hates Trans women

A while ago, I thought Blaire White was a cute “pixie like” young trans woman. (You know the type I mean… although I never see them offline outside of their parents homes….🏘)
A dear friend of mine, who is a co-owner of a trans community with me, told me I had better check her out because there’s more than a bit of hatred bubbling under White’s perfect commercially available porcelain complexion. I hate when she’s right!

Well its not just hatred but even more…way more. White literally exudes amazingly vile vomit in all things anti transgender.

*She is against trans women using the appropriate restroom unless “they can pass”. (She had the luxury of transitioning age 16 in her “supportive family environ” where I’m sure she had her own gender perfect floral scented bathroom.)

She states trans women are “sick” and not valid unless they are attracted to men…She has a boyfriend. WTF Was I thinking! I better cancel surgery because OMG sexy women🙋‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ …trans, CIS or animated ..make me…what’s the word….🤔…FUCKING GO INSANE….QUIVERING, WET AND SOOOO LUSTFUL….Men? I love em as friends and brothers. Blaire says people like me (Trans Lesbians) are *posers. You know…we are faking it…we are “guys” despite the world’s medical, psychiatric, LGBTQ communities and millions of CIS people who say otherwise. Blaire knows best! She has a blog to prove it!
Oh fuck! That means my surgeon, who is also a trans lesbian and a decorated ex military NASA / Navy trained physician is also a guy! My gawd the things we “guys” will do to get in a woman’s pants!

* White is 25 years old. There is tons of info on her “blog” about her political views but I couldn’t find a single sentence on her education, professional certifications, prior (real jobs other than talking like a stunted teenager) employment or accomplishments OF ANY KIND! EVER…ANYWHERE…NOT EVEN A VOLUNTEER THINGY!

* As of January 4th 2018, White’s YouTube channel had over 366k subscribers and 36.7m views. In contrast, her website had virtually no traffic….zip!

Why am I talking about this uneducated shoat pig? Because dearies, she is there.
She’s a puff of nothing… but to be graced with an Internet blog and yet millions know her name.
This is how the game is played in the. propaganda strewn, media vomit-land and you need to be a wise consumer of information my hunnies.
So enough of Blaire White already…I think I hear her parents calling her in for her private areola massage and vacuum breast therapy anyhow.🤗
Oh…..and hey Ms. White, B4 I forget……Ill send ya a snap of my new vagina next month if you remind me! Party on bitch!
Toni Grace 💋💃🏼🏳️‍🌈✊

#blairewhite #fraud #hater #triggered

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