Why G+ (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) all suck….

Why G+ (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) all suck….
So have you ever watched “Deadliest Catch” the cable show about crab fishing in the middle of an arctic maelstrom?
When these guys go out and drop their crab traps, their hope is that they can reel them in full of quality crab. It’s kind of the same on g+ for people with cognitive abilities who are trying to reach other thoughtful, intelligent people….. *PARTICULARLY WITHIN TRANS, CROSSDRESSER AND TV COMMUNITIES*
Quality is hard to come by and aesthetics require thought, maturity and respect.


But heres the problem…You can post the deepest philosophical concepts, heart rendering stories, the latest medical developments, great resources or for that matter a cure for cancer, and you know what? … you will be lucky if you get a handful of intelligent feedback.
Just remember, you guys are the anglers who look for truth, introspective learning and growth…you are rare and bless you because you will blossom….hang tough! ⚘

Now for the rest…🤔
If you are a “followers collector” or a “+1 fisherman” than here’s a suggestion for getting a “bigger catch”. But you probably use these techniques already….

1. Forget thoughtfulness and depth of spirit…you are using the wrong approach darling.
Try this instead … find a pic of an 18 year old “trap” spreading her legs and licking her lips with a demeaning caption and you’ll fill the net.

2. Change your fishing grounds…. If you want to “catch your quota” you need to go where the schools of small minded, faceless bottom feeders dwell. There are plenty to choose from on g+! Just search for “tranny”, “cumslut” or any of the multitude of demeaning hateful terms applied to Trans and CD women.

3. Lower your standards (even more!) ..I mean like in the fucking dirt. Don’t be picky about your friends, accept the misogynist insults from third world men whose culture is to dis women, children and animals as a part of the norm.
Hang on to the “garbage fish” … after all it boosts your ego or your needy craving for humiliation….right? You go girl! You want numbers? You got em baby!

4. Oh and one last tip! Use a fake profile pic, preferably a young CIS girl that you don’t come close to…remember its the bait that catches the “big ones” whether its plastic, fake or vacant bullshit….you go ahead and cast that baby out!

I have to go vomit now…🤧see ya later! Happy fishing!
Toni Grace 🕊1wYVzIK

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