Being a Transgender Woman 🥀

IMG_20171117_221443Our society is steeped in the notion that women and characteristics coded as feminine are inferior to men and to those qualities coded as masculine.

In our sexist society, *being a woman automatically places you in a position of less value.*

Here’s the essence of why we trans women are devalued: *To give up one’s “important” position as a man, choosing (as trans females are perceived to do) to be a woman and to be feminine, poses a fundamental threat to male superiority and may be seen as a rejection of the “superior male identity.”*

In other words, “Why the hell would you willingly give up the status of the more *powerful,* more *important* and *stronger* sex to take on the trappings of a lesser being (a woman)?”

How dare you! Are you nuts?

The media portrays trans women in archetypes – as the *weak* victim of a crime, or as the *evil* villain; as the *mentally unstable* character, or as the *manipulative* one.

If you’ve transitioned, and are living full time as a woman, you’re probably nodding at what I just said. You already know!
By full time, I don’t mean going to clubs, on a date or an occasional thrill shopping trip for lingerie en femme. What I mean is…. You walk out of your home, go to work/school, go to the doctor’s, go to the grocer, gas up your car, hug your kids, laugh, cry and do *everything* as YOU.

I’ve seen HUGE changes in the way people interact with me in the most common everyday encounters…some positive, some not so much.

My point is that we are perceived as “traitors” to the male gender by some and the number of people who “get us” (while growing) is still not near universal.

As long as YOU UNDERSTAND YOU…you’ll be the diamond💎 you were meant to be! 💋
Toni Grace🌱

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