Make Mine Pink…🌹

g26gen3-contrastpattern-hotpink_copy    It’s not healthy nor is it “normal” to live in fear. Members of the LGBTQ community often get wrapped up in politics and various advocate movements (…as I do myself) but are totally oblivious to their personal safety.
No, I don’t mean safe sex or HIV awareness…I mean protecting yourself and your loved ones from threats of violence.
Well for some of us that’s changing…
If you’re for both gay rights and gun rights, (No they arent mutually exclusive!) there are groups out there to help you learn how to keep yourself safe and how to be a “hard target”.
I’m a Trans woman who happens to be a certified NRA pistol instructor and a 23 year veteran of policing and I will tell you this…it strikes me as sad and counterintuitive that at the end of each year, we attend memorial events to remember our murdered brothers and sisters. Come the new year we reset the counter and the numbers start adding up again…and again. WTF!

Check out this one group to see what I’m referring to… Its called the Pink Pistols and there are more and more groups out there just like them. Think survival!
Please keep yourself safe…it really is up to you….
Toni Grace🕊🔫👮🏼‍♀️

Pink Pistols 🔫

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