Connecticut’s First Transgender Governor?🏳️‍🌈 Damn right! 🕊⚘✊

20180216_040907Capture-7bildeScreenshot_20180216-025431The BEST news I’ve heard in 2018 regarding a positive effort on the Transgender political front!🏳️‍🌈

Here in the political wasteland of Connecticut there’s finally a break in the gloom!

We have a Transgender woman running for governor!! Her name is Jacey Wyatt and she is a 46 year old former model and business woman who is challenging the state’s dinosaur- like political machine.

If you don’t think we can affect change that benefits the larger LGBTQ community then you should really THINK AGAIN!
Toni Grace

💟 CLICK for the future Governo’rs web site

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5 thoughts on “Connecticut’s First Transgender Governor?🏳️‍🌈 Damn right! 🕊⚘✊

  1. Won’t this be fabulous if this fine lady is successful in the election. I truly hope all her brothers and sisters get behind her and strongly support her endeavors. 😍

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    1. I so agree!

      Washington is a cesspool occupied primarily by ignorant, obese, puffy cheeked, geriatric men who couldn’t legislate a lunch menu without the assistance of a fawning aide.
      They disgust me, as does the gnome in the White House….ugh!

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