Down to the wire…

*ONE WEEK* from today Ill be heading down to PA to have my surgery.
My shopping is done
My doggie is heading into a kennel
My bills are paid
My head is straight
…and my heart is true.

Every Trans Woman’s journey is different and each has different checkpoints to mark off as we go. It’s like climbing Everest.

I want to say thanks to my friends who showed interest in my journey and who shared in my trials and tribulations along the way. You’re good and *true believers*┬á and you know who you are.

My fight is on and there’s no fear and no doubt in my heart. Those old negative enemies have been laid waste.

Ill be off the “grid” for a bit…Rebirth takes time and I need rest.

Keep smiling, keep the faith and keep strong.

When people ask me what kind of surgery I’m getting, I now tell them I’m having a weight reduction procedure done. The doctors are going to remove 2 oz of troublesome useless flesh from my groin. So if I look “thinner” when you see me next thats why….gigglez
Peace out my babies…..
Toni Grace ­čĽŐBeautyPlus_20170901145129_save_2018022510343468720180225_10430920180225_103204BeautyPlus_20170901145226_save2017-10-03-16-41-13-97920171004_133153BeautyPlus_20180208065316_save20171122_085223_001

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