My Prison

prisonFor years, my walls were built of the hardest veneer.
Impenetrable, slippery and foreboding to those who wanted to glimpse my heart.

Heartbreak and Risk were kept out but good people were also hurt trying to climb my wall.
I protected my fortress with wit, anger, laughter and the sarcasm of the insecure.
Inside the walls it got cold and lonely, it became my prison.
My safe prison.

I stumbled upon a chisel one day. It was made of steel that was harder and more powerful than even the thickest barrier I created.
I picked it up and I used it.

Holes formed in the wall and I discovered how cruel it really was inside my cell. How I was the most inhumane jailer…to my prison’s only inmate….me.
The chisel is already in your hands too.
Be brave, have heart, take the risk and get out of your own cell before it becomes a life sentence.
We’re waiting for you on the other side of the wall. 🕊

Toni Grace
June 16, 2017 🏳️‍🌈🌈⚘

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