Pay attention…you’re being played for a fool🐆

406f14c761800fd18c4db1ca280e423bPlease, tell me you’re not OK with this!

I worked in and prospered in an environment (law enforcement) that is predominantly male oriented. You can smell the testosterone and feel the mysogynist vibes when you walk into a room. That same caste system permeates almost every field of business and every profession we engage in.

The reason this inequity perpetuates itself is because we as human beings are very adaptable. Its a quality that has allowed us to survive over time but at the same time we have have adapted to oppression and inequity over the years.

Wake up ladies…unless of course you get off on being subservient and relegated to “the back of the bus”. As far as I’m concerned, “John” and “David” can go *FUCK THEMSELVES* because they just met their match!

Toni Grace ✊🙅🏼‍♀️💪👭🏼

3 thoughts on “Pay attention…you’re being played for a fool🐆

    1. Its all true. When I teansitioned, I gave up my “white male privilege” and most men don’t hesitate to try to let me know that. That is until I tear into the bastards and let them know I don’t play that little game.

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