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Link to Trump’s Anti Trans record 🔴

It’s important that you understand the facts regarding President Trumps anti LGBTQ efforts.

The administration’s bigotry and avarice toward the gay / trans community is a focused and very active effort to isolate us through legislation, reduced protection and even changes in common language.

The administration, despite operating in a fog of “No comments” has a documented track record of bias and anti gay bigotry…..and it all began the day after the election without a pause to breathe.

If you don’t think changes, whether glaring or subtle, that chip away your rights and protections are important, let me suggest some historical reading. Start with Paragraph 175 of the Nazi Penal Code over your morning expresso and let me know what you think.

Toni Grace🏳️‍🌈🕊

#transgender #anti-trans #anti-gay #trump #pence #bigotry #legislation


2 thoughts on “Trump, Pence and the DISCRIMINATION ADMINISTRATION

  1. Ya the liying dick said he had are back’s then turned around and stabed us in it !!! Their all liying dick’s with out compashon for other people !!! All they care about is the unholly doller !!!


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  2. I’m so fucking done with these traitorous bastards. I’m a vet of 6 years active duty and I have to read stuff like this in a country where I’m losing my rights as each day goes by! I’m offended, hurt, flabbergasted and disgusted by our politicians.


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