Seems the sheep are beginning to wake up… IT’S ABOUT TIME! 🇺🇸


The most recent poll numbers according to PEW RESEARCH CENTER show that 18% of Americans trust our government to do “THE RIGHT THING”. Low. But not as low as the only six percent who trust Congress.

In 1964, 77% of the American people surveyed trusted that their elected government had their backs. This is despite the fact that back then, we were at war in Vietnam, President Kennedy had been assassinated a year earlier, the Cold War was heated up and the entire world was in a state of flux.
So don’t blame the chaotic world…its always been a quagmire. Yet we believed.

Perhaps our youth today is better informed because of the Internet and we don’t rely exclusively on mass media lies and one sided propaganda to form our opinions. Then again maybe we are just evolving…or starting to get tired of the dull pain of being played for idiots.

People are losing their homes and jobs at an alarming rate, yet the wealthy and politically affluent have reached record heights of opulence and the gap between the classes is astoundingly wide…and growing. How’s your checking account balance look after paying your bills? Yeah, I thought so.
Party on? I think not.
Toni Grace🕊

#corruption #politics #lies #government

3 thoughts on “Seems the sheep are beginning to wake up… IT’S ABOUT TIME! 🇺🇸

  1. It’s qwite simple, they lie to get into office then do noting they said they were gona do, anyone with a working brain can see this, that’s why Trump the dump got into office people are getting tired of the same old political bull shit witch will contenyou for a long time to come tell people really wake-up and see the power we really have over them !!!


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    1. The thing with Trump is that he’s a
      1. Liar
      2. Misogynist
      3. A narcissist
      Hillary was:
      1. Outright evil
      2. A power starved psycho
      3. A felon
      Bernie was:
      1. The pied piper of bullshit.
      2. An incompetent
      3. A socialist to a sick degree
      …we didnt stand a chance with ANY of them.

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