Hush…close your eyes and ………..just breathe 🕊

IMG_20180301_195441So yes, It’s time for me to shift my focus. Over the past few days I bitched about politics, talked about my surgery and shared my thoughts on life in general…my normal chatterbox state.👯🏼‍♀️📣

As they used to say on the sub I served on, “Its time to rig for silent running…go silent and go deep.”🌠

I have a lot of wonderful thoughts at the moment but, I feel the need to wander deeper into the quitness of my own soul over the next few days. I have an inner light 🌌that I’ve been yearning to share in those dark🌑 quiet caverns of former pain and confusion inside of me…so that they can remain warm and glowing 🏜from now on.

Be safe my loves,👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👬👭🏼👫 we’ll chat in a few weeks. Think a positive thought for me on the 6th…🌱🌿🌲 as my chrysalis flutters to a winged creature 🦋of hope and joy.

We are all blessed in a different and special way. Its just that sometimes it takes a lifetime to recognize what’s been right in front of us all along.
Toni Grace ⚘

3 thoughts on “Hush…close your eyes and ………..just breathe 🕊

  1. God speed my darling as you travel to your fabulous destination. As we won’t chat for a while, in one of your quieter moments send me a small positive thought for the 3rd April. This is the day Denise will be born to ny wife and others. From there it will be onto hrt and full time Denise Terese B……… and no longer Peter Terence B………….. I thank you, especially, as well as others for your compassion and advice.😍🤘✊💋💋💋❤❤💝👠👜👢💄💍

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