Baby Steps…..👢

BeautyPlus_20180311123830_saveUgh…..I’ve been restricted to bed since Tuesday and my ass is sore from lying down! Who woulda thought lol!!!…since everything is sore these days!

I started exploring the B&B I’m staying at….the house was built in the mid 1800’s and there are six rooms set aside for guests.20180311_112631I’m told that 95% of the people who stay here are recovering from GCS (Gender Confirmation Surgery). I’m going to try to meet my fellow “explorers” during the upcoming week. Everyone is at a different stage of healing so not everyone is feeling up to chatting.

20180311_112623Tomorrow is a huge day in my recovery…I have an appointment with my surgeon to remove what Im told is feet and feet of packing from my neovagina. They will also be taking out my catheter and Ill begin dilation.

I wish I could post a pic of my surgical site but tbat would be crass and it would probably freak a few of you out.

In a word, its a VERY invasive surgery and my surgical wounds are, in a word, disturbing to view if you dont understand why and what was done in the procedure. Personally, I was prepped mentally to cope with all the post surgical stuff but in all seriousness…its not for the faint of heart!20180311_112606Tomorrow is a new day, today is a great day and yesterday doesnt matter…although it was also a great day.

Till then…..🌼🌻🌼🌻🌺🌼🌻🌼🌻

Toni Grace

#GCS #gender #SRS #trans #surgery #recovery

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