Woke up full of piss and vinegar this morning!💄

res_1520964914063Today is the first day I put on ANY makeup since before my surgery and I’m like going through withdrawal, so today I broke down and did my eyes. Makeup to me is like dope to a junkie…I swear … lmfao!🤗

So all my new plumbing works, my dilation protocol of 30 min – 3× a day isn’t too bad and my remaining stitches come out on Thursday. I’ll be heading back to Connecticut on Friday and start splitting the atoms of everyday life again.

Life is good🌾🌿⚘☘🌱

Toni Grace🦄

5 thoughts on “Woke up full of piss and vinegar this morning!💄

  1. Hi Sis, I am so pleased for you that all seems to have gone to plan and that things are working as they should. So pleased to see you so upbeat and feeling so great. Please take care of yourself o rushing and don’t go rushing things. xxx Denise

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    1. Hi Denise! Its been awhile. I’m doing great babes…I have my last visit with the doc today and tomorrow morning Ill be driving back to Connecticut. Its interesting, I hear less and less from girls online as compared to the past. I kinda knew this would happen and I’m OK with it…such is life. I’m stepping back into daily life starting tomorrow and I’m excited, but I’d be lying if I said I won’t miss the safe, healing “cocoon” all these wonderful people here in Pennsylvania provided me.
      Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts hun…I hope all is going well with you.

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      1. Well, it is the 16th here so welcome back to daily life Ms Toni Grace………., I know you will be a “knock out” and woe anyone who baulks your way. I am so happy for you.

        You asked if all was well with me; I don’t really know. The date has been set for me to announce to my wife of 45 years and my 4 adult kids that, at 70 yrs of age, I am transgender and will be living the rest of my life as a female.

        I will be telling my wife in the psychologist’s office, I have absolutely no idea how this news will be received by her or the kids, the kids are a minor concern, they can either tolerate, accept or reject – their decision.

        My biggest concern is my wife, hell, I still love her, albeit more as a friend than a lover, but we have been together since 1971. The subject of my dressing fem was raised 20-25 years ago and it went badly. The date set is the 4th April 2018 and there are days when I am so clear minded on where I am going and then there are days when I am so confused and feeling some what guilty about my decision.

        Sorry my sweet sister, you have enough stresses and dramas to deal with, you don’t need my baggage as well. I so miss the old community, but as you said that is life. Big hugs and cuddles, Denise.


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