I’m beyond blessed…🦋

So I had my final post surgical check yesterday and all went well. I became very close to several women here in Pennsylvania during my stay, particularly my nurses and the physician assistants who made sure I was 100% on target.

As I was leaving the office, one of the women stopped me and said she had something for me…from the “gang”. She handed me the most beautiful pendant I ever saw, made of sterling and contains butterfly wings … the symbol of transition and blossoming.20180316_064711 So yeah, I began to cry. Im still crying right now… and my heart has been permanently touched by their warmth and kindness.

In all my life, I’ve never met more true spirits, strong caring women and sisters in the deepest most beautiful sense of the word. I am humbled and I am blessed. I will carry a small part of each and every one of these angels with me for the rest of my life.

Toni Grace🦋🌼🌹🌿

2 thoughts on “I’m beyond blessed…🦋

  1. What a beautiful, gorgeous pendant. How lovingly caring of these beautiful angels to give even more of themselves to you. You are, indeed, blessed and He is definitely watching over your every step. Go in peace and harmony, my precious.

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