What do I do in the interim…?

20180320_091657So two weeks after surgery, I’m living by the rule of 5’s….I can only lift 5 lbs., I can only walk 5 minutes and its making me 5x as anxious to break loose and begin tearin up the world💃🏼…..sighs.

This is going to be sorta like that for a few weeks yet. I dilate 4x a day for 30 minutes a pop, I cant even walk my dog  to let her poop yet!🐕🚶🏼‍♀️

Ummmm….yeah, a different lifestyle alright.

So I started a new hobby…needlepoint🤷🏼‍♀️🖼💉 !!! No silly, not my estrogen injections…actual sewing stuff and I never tried it before….lol.

I found the classiest kit I could “A woman in 1930’s Paris” wearing a hat like the last one I bought. (of course!!! lol!)

Healing doesn’t mean shutting down…..Its a chance to EXPLORE!🎨

Toni Grace⚘


2 thoughts on “What do I do in the interim…?

  1. Ya I know all to well the 5″ life ( My back ) by the time it’s up your gone stir-crazy to get up and go but that is when you need to be the most carfal because you’ll over do it before you even know it then your back to the 5″ again, I’m glad you have found something to do to try and stay beisy sis. 😘


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