The Clitoris🌻 & the P spot!🌼


🍅🍓🍒🌶 🍏 🍎 🍇 🍑🍊🍌🍍

Ok so there ARE advantages to being a Trans woman over being a CIS female. (Other than we are generally hotter…lol🙅🏼‍♀️)
While we both have clitorises (It took me about ten seconds to find mine…giggles👯🏼‍♀️) only Trans women have P spots.

If you are a male or a pre op trans girl, you also have a P spot. Its that insanely, wonderfully sensitive prostate that used to make me paint the ceiling during anal sex. I can still climax that way but minus the ejaculation.💧

My new clitoris is actually referred to as a neo-clitoris and my surgeon actually created it from the penile nerves. It functions exactly like a genetic female’s clit but it will be some weeks yet before I can take her for a “test drive!” Ill let ya know! 🍒🌶


Toni Grace 😇💣

#transgender #gender-confirmation-surgery #neo-clitoris

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