Its the little things…

Ok so its 2 1/2 weeks since my GCS surgery and things are getting better!

Yes, I’m still a bit sore and have to sit on my DONUT 🍩BeautyPlus_20180323082454_savebut it really hasn’t been too bad.

When they told me I’d have to dilate 4x a day in order to maintain depth and width (The body in healing will try to minimize both without dedicated dialation)…I was like WOO HOO!!! THATS FOR ME! But, actually its not the party it sounds like. I did graduate from a size 1 to a size 2 dilator  … yay … but there are two more LARGER SIZES after this….can you say ouch!BeautyPlus_20180323083700_save

Anyhow, after two weeks of withdrawal, I can finallydownload (7) have caffeine again!!!


Starting Tuesday of next week I don’t have to sleep exclusively on my back any more…..!Little-Girl-Funny-Sleeping-On-ChairI’ve said it before, this process isnt for the faint of heart …. but know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!BeautyPlus_20171001041012_save

OOH RAH✊🏳️‍🌈⚘

Toni Grace

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