What’s the difference between a cross dresser and a transgender woman? I thought you’d never ask!👠💄👜👗

I sincerely hope you know there’s a difference…sighs…but its ok if you don’t …that’s why I’m here!

The DSM5, which is the “bible” for diagnosing people in the psychiatric community, differentiates between Crossdressers (Transvestites) and Transgender (With Gender Dysphoria) as follows:

⚠️Keep in mind….For either category, the activities involve must involve risk of or actual physical harm, or cause significant distress to be considered a disorder and not simply a sexual preference.

Transvestic Disorder DSM-5 302.3 (F65.1) – Transvestic disorder is a specific paraphilic disorder in which the individual is sexually aroused by the act of cross-dressing as the opposite gender, and yet finds the act of dressing and the resulting arousal distressing (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013).





Symptoms of Transvestic Disorder:

Transvestic disorder is characterized by at least 6 months of experiencing recurring sexual arousal brought on by the act of cross-dressing. This arousal may manifest as sexual fantasies, behaviors, or urges that cause the patient significant distress or impairment in important areas of function, such as social or occupational settings. In transvestic disorder, feelings of distress at cross-dressing are separate from feelings of gender dysphoria, and individuals identify as their anatomical gender (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013).


Gender Dysphoria DSM-5 302.85 (F64.9)

DSM-5 states that the initial condition for the identification of gender dysphoria in both adults and teenagers is a noticeable incongruence between the gender the patient believes they are, and what society perceives them to be. This disparity should be ongoing for at least 6 months and should consist of 2 or more of the subsequent criteria (American Psychiatric Association, 2013):

🌷Noticeable incongruence between the gender that the patient sees themselves are, and what their classified gender assignment
🦄 An intense need to do away with his or her primary or secondary sex features (or, in the case of young teenagers, to avert the maturity of the likely secondary features)
🌹 An intense desire to have the primary or secondary sex features of the other gender
🌺A deep desire to transform into another gender
🍁A profound need for society to treat them as another gender
🌾A powerful assurance of having the characteristic feelings and responses of the other gender.
🐇 The second necessity is that the condition should be connected with clinically important distress, or affects the individual significantly socially, at work, and in other import areas of life.


So as you can see there’s a vast difference between the two!

Toni Grace 🕊

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