Wear Your Heart on Your Skin!🦋

BeautyPlus_20180325060652_saveTattoos! Ink!…..I adore them and I’ve found they can be a great way to express yourself and the things in your life that are important to you.BeautyPlus_20180325060230_save

I have a few and I’m planning on more.

I don’t get a tat to be cool or to be cute…I can do those traits without the ink…lol🐇 My tats mean something to me. After all they are permanant! BeautyPlus_20180325060314_save I always said I would never deny my being transgender. Oh I can pass alright but why would I deny such an important facet of my being?BeautyPlus_20180325060817_save

So, I decided to have the Trans symbol inked on my right forearm…I’m a very “In your face” kind of girl…lol!BeautyPlus_20180325060531_saveJust wanted to share a form of self expression Ive come to love…Im planning to have a tat done on the back of my neck…a delicate reminder of my recent GCS gender confirmation surgery…but Ill save tbe details until I can put up a pic of it.🌻

Toni Grace🐩

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