Recovery is coming to completion, 💉💊 … its 🕧 time to begin recovery …..💃🏼


So after lying around🛌🏼, eating nearly double my normal calories for weeks🐖 (doctor’s orders!) and generally living like a sloth,🐒 I hit the road yesterday.🚘

⚀ I had my first appointment with a brandy new Trans friendly dentist….no cavities, she’s a doll (and so cute….💟) and neither of us could stop gabbing for an hour! 👭🏼

⚁ Had a medical appointment with my regular doctor. All is well!
This is the first time she saw me after gender confirmation surgery and when she saw the results, she said, “OH MY GOD TONI, ITS WONDERFUL!!!!!”
We hugged, I cried (happy tears) and she gave me her stamp of approval🏆

⚂ I met for an hour with my therapist…We talked about my surgery and she asked me how I felt now….I told her, *”I feel whole. I feel as if a gate has opened and my soul has been freed. I feel as if I’ve been acknowledged, affirmed and achieved my physical destiny.”*
She said that many post surgical Trans patients describe their feelings as being flooded with different extreme emotions. I agree.

⚃ I had a second appointment with the University of Rhode Island speech therapy department. They are analyzing my voice as part of a Transgender voice feminization program. Its actually pretty cool … I recite certain passages, vowels etc and vary my pitch as I read them into a recorder / analyzer. The goal is to come up with a protocol to soften and feminize the voices of trans women.

⚄ I’ve said it a million times, surgery is not the end of my transition. Its a milestone and certainly a huge one but the truth is, my journey and my growth will never end. I won’t let it end because perfection is a lofty goal and it’s always just out of reach!

⚅ Life is good…and getting better!


Toni Grace🕊

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