BeautyPlus_20170719064729_saveWomen are objectified. 👢Its just a fact of life and it’s because we live in a world🌏 chock full of the ignorant, 🚷the self serving, the failed and the desperate.BeautyPlus_20171008122624_save

Trans women are doubly put into a position of sexual tokens.💄
You know what I mean …. the vomit filled Internet displays only the youngest, the slutiest, the baddest and well yeah the most perverted images of crossdressers, trans, “traps” etc. that they can conjure up.
Ice the cake with comments in broken English from third word filth and its no wonder we trans women are painted in a “perv” light.BeautyPlus_20170626131345_save

So check it out, you probably don’t want to spend too much time around me. See, Im educated. I have an undergrad in Sociology and a Masters in Criminal Justice. I support myself, I’m strong, Im independent and I don’t give a flying fuck about what gets you off or what you want. You won’t be happy here.BeautyPlus_20170707103344_save_20180405054711203

Truth is, in the real world, I wouldn’t give the time of day to 90% of the “people” who comment, judge, critique, assess or opine on anything I post. Sorry, but its true. Nothing personal but who exactly do you think you fucking are…lol?20180129_053121_20180405054428127

Grab a mirror…check out your unshaved and unwashed face. What do you do with your life that doesn’t involve pleasing you? Yup, I knew it…..sighs.BeautyPlus_20170626131441_save

If you read this far, kudos to you. It means that MAYBE you can read and MAYBE just MAYBE you can think past your autoerotic wet dreams. For you true spirits…a kiss to your furrowed foreheads…and forgive my tirade.💋

For the rest of you…Party on guys…you better get going now…you got lots of porn to search for during the rest of your desperate day.
Toni Grace💣🖤🔫🛠

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