A repost for “The Pretenders” out there…💣

4d6fb36b6b8c9c-a-nw-pRemember I mentioned earlier that I can get bitchy? Well……👱‍♀️

It never ceases to amaze me. So many guys and wanna be’s fall back on the same tired “passive sissy strategy” online to show the world how “vulnerable” they are. Ugh… “Oh I just want to be a girl” or my all time favorite … “Im a trans woman” uttered by a MALE who gets his nut off by masturbating into an old pair of panties.🤡

To those misguided souls, I say…No dear, you’re not a trans woman and you’ll NEVER be a girl. 🚫 In fact, you’re an insult to all the trans girls in this world who have walked the walk and paid their dues along the way.

No misunderstandings here….I adore crossdressers, sissies, fembois and the whole spectrum of beautiful people who embrace a feminine lifestyle. Its the pretenders I abhor.

If you want to be a girl, then get a head flush and start to realize what you are saying. Being a woman isn’t about putting a pair of panties on while you look at porn vids. That’s a kink…nothing more.

Think you’re a sissy? Ok then let me see the ripped nylons and rug burned knees and “OMG I DID THAT!” look on your face after your masculinity was just destroyed … and you loved it!

Words have meaning and specific connotation. Before you bestow a title on yourself know what the fck your talking about and save the subsequent embarrassment when your outed as a
Toni Grace🖤🔥

#transgender #real

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