So yeah… We wake everyday…to who we are. We are all the same my babies in that we all:
Want to love ourselves
Want to be happy
Want to BE LOVED
Need fulfillment

I begin my day today like I do every day. I realize what it is that I’m trying to get out of today. I’m trying to feel that my day meant something to someone other than me.
I thrive on that.
To make someone smile…
To set someone straight….
To hold someone and let us cry on each others shoulders…

To me that’s life. That’s living. If I can get though my day without unreasonable resentments…without copping a tude…without anger…THEN IVE WON A VICTORY!
Have a great Saturday and feel blessed dear ones.
This isn’t a dress rehearsal … its your life!🍃🌾
Toni Grace 🥀

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