Transgender Patients Are Fighting Trump’s Health-Care Discrimination Agenda

20161111_STAT_Transyouth176-1024x683TRANS NEWS LAW AND POLICY

Mar 13, 2018

If the Trump administration gets its way, doctors will be able to claim a religious or a more nebulous moral objection as an excuse to deny care, gender-affirming or otherwise, to transgender patients.

Advocates for reproductive rights and LGBTQ equality are concerned that Trump’s bureaucrats will cause even more pain at the doctor’s office. 
As Example:

Stefi Honey had been with her primary care doctor for five years, visiting as often as every other week without incident. When she began to live openly as a transgender woman, however, the doctor-patient dynamic changed.

Honey’s doctor eyed her dress and asked if she was “gay,” though sexual orientation and gender identity are not one and the same. The doctor “wasn’t very gentle in the way she was speaking about it,” Honey, 57, recalled in an interview. Neither were the nurses and office staff. She watched their “giggles” and “snickers” via a door window into the waiting room.

Read the article:

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