To those who view transition as a kink…

BeautyPlus_20180403161755_saveSo you think that crossdressers and transgender women are the same….

Guess again…

BeautyPlus_20180329154931_save_20180516065643970Transitioning involves discomfort, pain, medical expenses, patience, risk, social stigma and hope….

IMG_20180516_070021There are no guarantees and its all about going out on a limb to be the authentic YOU

Birth is painful, but rebirth is doubly so.

You risk relationships, careers, social standing in a word…EVERYTHING

So the next time you encounter a trans woman keep in mind….she has most likely endured more in her life than you could even imagine. She has a level of commitment displayed by those we respect and honor in any other endeavor that encompasses risking EVERYTHING in the quest for validation and authenticity.res_1520691925238_20180516070601611

…and chances are she can teach you a thing or two about courage and tenacity.

Toni Grace 🕊🥀🍃

#transgender #transition #courage #srs #gcs

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