On a serious note….


After my mammogram last week (my first), I got a shock…..the dreaded phone call from the hospital.
They said there was a “density” in the lymph node of my left breast and that I needed further testing. My fucking heart dropped.

I was in a panic for nearly a week. All I could think was that I finally had my GCS surgery (13 weeks ago) and now I may have to deal with breast cancer.

So today I went back and had a sonogram of the suspect area with my fists clenched, my head up and my tummy in a knot.
It turns out that the “dense area” was just my lymph node and all is well. Thank good God in heaven…I can breathe again. I went into the hospital rest room after I found out and cried…that’s how relieved I was.

I came away from this nightmare with a thought.

For those of you considering full transition, keep one thing in mind. The rest of the issues you face in life will be still be there long after your surgery is done.
If you are facing problems, whether they are financial, emotional, health, relationships… whatever…there’s a good chance they will be there waiting to pounce, usually when you are at your weakest and most vulnerable stage of recovery. Its really important to have a reserve of internal strength and someone to talk to when this stuff happens.

I’m not saying to live in worry and dread. I’m saying to make sure your shit is in one sock and that you have a plan B when you need it.
Stay strong and kick ass!
Toni Grace 👱🏻‍♀️🕊🍃

#transgender #worry #strength

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