One upon a time…a long time ago…


There was this confused and frightened girl who lived in a world that was dominated by violence, hatred and uncertainty…..🍃

I look back at how I was living my life in a dark, lonely closet filled with my own thoughts and desires…unable to actually reach out and touch my dreams or to feel comfortable in my own skin.

The saddest part about those “old days” is the fact that I allowed people, places and things that meant nothing to me….to control my very existence.

I remember never being able to feel anything without strings being attached to those feelings. The strings were self doubt, insecurity, depression, fear, frustration, and shame.

If you live in your own little dark closet, please ask yourself… WHY
Ask yourself who put you in there and who holds the key to the door.

Then ask yourself just how long you are willing to sacrifice the boundless joy on the other side of that door before you stop living your life according to the biases, beliefs and rules set down by people you don’t even care about.

We are complicated creatures and growth takes time. Believe me… I KNOW!
I also know that time is not infinite and every day is a precious thing.

So before you sacrifice yet another day to some vague fear instead of freedom, look at that key you hold in your hand and ask yourself if its worth it.
Tony Grace 🥀

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