Successes, failures and trying your best….


Ok, I have butterflies in my tummy!🦋👱‍♀️
I have a job interview in a few hours and I’m psyching myself up and putting on my big girl shoes. The job is for a position as a Transgender Advocate at a large medical facility and it involves helping trans people negotiate the health care system and some of the other hurdles we face on a daily basis.

I’m usually really good at interviews and actually I participated in the hiring process for new cops when I was a police sergeant.

But that’s the twist! I lived in a different world (Policing👮🏼‍♀️) for 23 years and this is a major shift for me….but this position is literally “my calling” and there aren’t many opportunities out there like this.

So, I ask myself what is it that gives us strength at times like this and I came to a conclusion. Its about using the life experience we’ve banked over the years and remembering all the adversity we faced (and overcame)  during our lives.

We don’t “Win em all” and I’m a believer in the old adage that if its meant to be…then it will happen. My hands are steady and there’s a glint in my eye.
Here I come…..Oohrah!👱‍♀️🏳️‍🌈✊
Toni Grace

2 thoughts on “Successes, failures and trying your best….

  1. I had the interview at 2pm. It was with a panel of three people and I think it went really well. Gawd, I forgot how weird it is to try to put your best foot forward without sounding conceited! Awkward balance…sort of like slow dancing with a partner you don’t know…lol.
    There are a bunch of other candidates, so I won’t know if I will move on to the next phase for a week or so.
    I know I meet all the qualifications BUT you guys know that weird post interview thingie we all go through…”I should have said this or that”, “Why did I say that?”, “Did I look OK?”, “Was I clear and articulate?”…. that’s where I’m at now.
    I never interviewd as a woman before. In the past, I always presented as a male. So if I get this position, I feel like I’ve come full circle in my transition:
    🔴Coming to terms with my gender identity
    🔴Coming out to the world
    🔴Living full time as a woman
    🔴Years of HRT and then surgery to allow my body to conform to my brain
    🔴Giving back to the trans community who gave me so much and helping other trans people navigate the minefields
    🔴Attaining a professional position in what I consider a calling…doing the most important thing in my life.
    I am blessed…and I know it. But this job will complete me as a whole person.
    I have a lot riding on this one so if you have a moment, say a word to your higher power and put in a good word for me!🕊
    Toni Grace


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