Ever wonder why trans women are treated with disrespect in social media and in society as a whole?


Transmisogyny is the intersection of transphobia and misogyny. Transphobia is defined as “the irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against transgender or transgender people”.
Misogyny is defined as “a hatred of women”. Therefore, transmisogyny includes negative attitudes, hate, and discrimination of transgender or transsexual individuals who fall on the feminine side of the gender spectrum, particularly transgender women.

It is said many trans women experience an additional layer of misogyny in the form of fetishization; Society views trans women in certain ways that sexualize them, such as them transitioning for sexual reasons, or ways where they’re seen as sexually promiscuous.

Transmisogyny is generally understood to be caused by the social belief that men are superior to women.

The existence of trans women is seen as a threat to a “male-centered gender hierarchy, where it is assumed that men are better than women and that masculinity is superior to femininity”.

When you see memes and other posts online depicting people who label themselves as “shemales”, “sissies” or “trannies” , what you are seeing is the fetishization of femininity and women as a whole.

How a human being gets off by being degraded (or degrading someone else) totally eludes me … but yet that low level garbage is pervasive on almost every “Transgender” and “Crossdressing” community on the Internet…not to mention tins of porn sites.

Ill take any bet that the so called “trannies” you see prancing around with panty bulges online are the most closeted and maladjusted  people you will ever meet. They aren’t trans women…they are props for men with a fetish….and nothing more.
Its important to know what words mean.
Toni Grace⚘

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