How’s your pyramid?


If you are in transition, you probably have experienced a feeling of frustration and a high degree of stress at times. You know what I mean… You may wake up feeling uneasy or you feel that you just aren’t a whole person…something is missing.

What’s missing is the top of the pyramid…its called self actualization and its s critical aspect of achieving happiness. Its also a basic tenant of human psychology.

In 1943, Maslow called the bottom four levels of the pyramid ‘deficiency needs’ because a person does not feel anything if they are met, but becomes anxious if they are not. Thus, physiological needs such as eating, drinking, and sleeping are deficiency needs, as are safety needs, social needs such as friendship and sexual intimacy, and ego needs such as self-esteem and recognition.

In contrast, Maslow called the fifth level of the pyramid a ‘growth need’ because it enables a person to ‘self-actualize’ or reach her fullest potential as a human being. Once a person has met her deficiency needs, she can turn her attention to self-actualization; however, only a small minority of people are able to self-actualize because self-actualization requires uncommon qualities such as honesty, independence, awareness, objectivity, creativity, and originality.

My point is that a good question we people in transition should be asking ourselves is “Have I hit the top of the pyramid?”


If the answer is no, then why is that the case? Am I happy the way I am? How can I make it better?

Food for thought beyond the tripe you usually see posted regarding trans people. Take it to the next level!
Toni Grace👱🏻‍♀️🕊

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