Everybody needs role models…


Especially those of us in the Trans community who have redefined who we are and how we express ourselves.
Personally, I have several of my own. One woman who I think expresses her transition honestly and at a real visceral level is Laura Jane Grace.
Her experience is a gut punch to people who haven’t a clue to the highs and lows of transition. Once you step out of the plastic fantasy world of “traps”, “trannies”, “sissies”, “fembois”, “shemales” and the rest of the bullshit invented by fetish minded males and kinksters hiding in their dark closets, you are left with a life that swings from exhilaration to depression. A real life filled with gain and loss…success and failure.

My kisses and hugs to Laura…a strong, proud woman worthy of admiration.
Toni Grace 🏳️‍🌈

💣 Link to Laura: On Life after Transition

2 thoughts on “Everybody needs role models…

  1. Wow, the names you listed there are teribble. I’d never heard two of them before. The others don’t descibe who trans people are….
    Thank you for the information you post about. I know you help so many people.


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