Trans Acceptance by the LGBTQ Community… Not so much!


If you are Trans, chances are you’ve felt stigmatized at one time or another during your life.

Its not just your imagination and guess what…the rejection doesn’t just come from the straight community.

As Trans women and Trans men we are the least accepted sub group within the LGBTQ community as a whole.

For example, less than half (47%) of CIS lesbians share common concerns with transgender people and are you ready… only 24% of bisexual men say they have a commonality with us.

Amazingly discouraging isn’t it…That although we all wrap ourselves in the inclusiveness of the rainbow flag, we (Trans) are viewed as somehow less relevant than our non trans sisters and brothers.

Food for thought and for concern.

Toni Grace🦋

#transgender #acceptance #lgbtq

3 thoughts on “Trans Acceptance by the LGBTQ Community… Not so much!

  1. Nice post Toni, this is fact I’ve already run into my self and being told I don’t belong in the LGBQ community and that gay people have been supporting trans people from the beginning witch in actuality it’s the other way around and trans people actually started the LGBT movement but some how we have ended up on the back burner and no one wants to acknowledge the role trans people have played in the LGBT movement.


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    1. Its disheartening to me to see this division. I’m lesbian as well as as trans so I live within an even smaller microcosm. Its so like human nature to reject what is not immediately understood. Sighs⚘

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