So you don’t know any transgender veterans?


Well, let me put a face to two of those vets… people you hear about on the news. The people that the Trump administration is trying to discard and alienate through a relentless program of exclusion in our military.

I am a former U.S. Navy Submarine Sonar Supervisor. I served for six years onboard a nuclear ballistic missile submarine on patrol in the North Atlantic completing 8 Strategic Deterrent Patrols.
I held a Top Secret security clearance, received numerous commendations and awards and I worked in a state of the art warship guarding our country’s security.
…and I’m Transgender

The second photo is Dr. Christine McGinn. She was a Navy Flight Surgeon who medically certified pilots and their ability to fly. Dr. McGinn was also directly involved in the NASA Space Shuttle program as a medical officer.
….and she’s Transgender

We are just two of the faces of the thousands of Trans service members who proudly served and who are being discriminated against by the Trump Administration.

So the next time you hear a news story related to statistics, numbers, costs and all the rest of the impersonal data on Trans military people, just remember….there are real people behind those numbers. People who served and fought for you and your family’s safety and security.

Please stand alongside us for our safety and security in a time when we truly need your support.
Toni Grace 🕊🍃

2 thoughts on “So you don’t know any transgender veterans?

  1. Hi Toni, I have another FB friend who just retired from the Navy after 22 years. She is trans. She also was some kind of commander. Just amazing all of you. Congratulations and thank you for all you’ve done and do.

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