The pronoun is she…

Its like a badge of honor. Its “only” a word but it took years to earn. To express. To hone and to fine tune.

She wasn’t a gift at birth taken for granted and often neglected as is the case for millions of genetic women.

She was hard fought for. She had to fight a world not quite ready for her and a body not equipped to carry her through her journey.

She faced doubt, fear, hatred and the prospect of risking an entire lifetime of accomplishment and success…but built upon the lie of an imposter.

She is Trans.

She is sometimes viewed as an “imitation”, a “lesser than” and a “not quite”. But her belief in herself always overcame the weight of these obstacles.

She learned strength by not having the option to be weak.
Her head is held high, her eyes focused and her heart beats with a joy only known to those who’ve walked a similar path.

Follow your heart dear ones. Be grateful instead of sad because you are one of a rare and special ones. There is a reason and a purpose to your hard road.
You aren’t a “mistake”. You are a miracle!

Toni Grace 🕊

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