Oh look, it’s a new week!🌈

Its Monday….Try something new…
A.) Look in the mirror and sense the confidence
B.) Start off the day by being you from the first second after you wake up
C.) Don’t isolate, Don’t overthink, Don’t doubt
D.) Share your beautiful self every chance you get
E.) Don’t look back…Fuck it, your past is behind you.
D.) At the end of the day take stock. Ask yourself who you lived for and how true to yourself were you in the past 24 hours. Who did you affect? Did you make a difference? Are you happy?

My goal every day is the same. When my head hits the pillow at night I want to feel whole and that I was true to myself in everything I did and said. Its irrelevant if it made me more popular or accepted by other people. They have their karma and I have mine.

E.) Tuesday….repeat!

Toni Grace 🕊

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