OK… Here’s the deal

🏳️‍🌈 Conservative politicians are trying to erase transgender people from existence. The Trump / Pence administration is actively and forcefully pursuing a policy of redefining male and female regardless of whether you have undergone hormone therapy, SRS surgery and state recognized document amendment (Drivers license, birth certificate, Social Security etc.)

🏳️‍🌈 In other words, regardless of what efforts you’ve made to tranistion … you’ll be redefined right back to your perceived birth sex at the stroke of a pen.

🏳️‍🌈 For me, personally, that means that the government will designate me as male:
🦋Despite the medical profession’s determination that I am female,
⚘Despite bottom surgery,
🌼Despite years of HRT,
🍁 Despite legal documentation and legal affirmations of my female gender
🌹Despite years of therapy
🐞Despite the State of Connecticut’s affirmation of my female gender
🕊…and most importantly to me, despite all the hurt, pain, sacrifice, hate, trauma and fear that we as transgender people have endured to simply be accepted as who we are.

You don’t have to be trans and you don’t have to be LGBTQ to be a loving and accepting person. You do have to think logically. You do, however, have to open your heart and mind to acceptance of trans people as human beings of value and worth. You only have to reject hate and embrace empathy.

Toni Grace

#trans #midterm #hate #politics #lgbtq #Trump #Pence #rights


2 thoughts on “OK… Here’s the deal

  1. This is an absolutely terrible policy! Conservatives worry about men in the bathroom. They will see more with this policy. I worry about trans woman being assaulted in the mens room.
    Trans women are women.
    Trans men are men.
    How does that bother anyone? How is it anyone else’s business!
    I’m voting tomorrow for people who would not propose such an awful policy.

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