I get labeled all the time. It used to bother me when people did that because I always thought it was a simplistic way for people to try to categorize what really is a mosaic of so many different qualities … both good and not so good.

This latest one fits like a glove…it makes me dangerous, unpredictable and yes…

1.┬áeager,┬áheadlong,┬áimpulsive. Refers to┬ápersons┬áwho┬áare┬áhasty┬áand precipitate┬áin┬áaction,┬áor to┬áactions┬ánot preceded┬áby┬áthought.┬áImpetuous┬ásuggests eagerness,┬áviolence,┬árashness:┬áimpetuous vivacity;┬áimpetuous┬ádesire;┬áimpetuous┬áwords….Ôśá
Wear your label with pride!

Toni Grace­čÉů

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