Change, Momentum and Growth🕯

Transition means change, and all the steps we take as transgender women, to develop ourselves physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Whether you decide to utilize HRT, surgery, therapy … a few of these or none of these…it still involves an evolution toward a state of being where you are able to express your female gender.


One (of many) wonderful things about being trans is that you are so acutely aware of these changes. It really amounts to simply allowing yourself to grow in a direction that you absolutely know is right for you and doing what you can to guide that self actualization along the way.


These photos were taken well into my transition, but before I had my GCS surgery. I knew where I was heading at this point in my journey and not a day went by where my dysphoria didn’t devour me. Its not like that for every trans woman…its very personal and individual so I can only speak for myself. Bottom surgery saved my sanity…no question about it…but again, that’s me.


I’ve been on HRT now for about two and a half years and my surgery was 9 months ago. The process reminds me of an accelerated sort of puberty and whether you’re male or female, I’m sure you remember the craziness of hormonal changes and physical development…OMG… extreme highs and lows, experimentation, amazement, excitement…a roller coaster ride on jet fuel!

Its awesome for me to look back at my transition and what I was like before and during the process compared to how I am today.


Savor every moment of your own transition… both the exhilarating and the painful…because those experiences comprise the mosaic of who you are today…as a woman.
Toni Grace 🎈

#transgender #toni grace

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