*Transgender at Work*

I know a few transgender people here on g+ and a few more in the real world who present openly as trans at work.

I have been “out” at my job for 3 months now and despite my initial nervousness I can only describe it in one way:
*I’m having a blast!👱‍♀️*

So I work in a large medical facility where our patient base is as diverse as the world itself. Our patients include everybody from newborns to geriatric people…wealthy to homeless…and every gender expression under the sun.

The really cool thing is that I get to meet them all! I help people schedule appointments, get their scripts, do follow ups, insurance issues…etc. Sort of a multipurpose patient representative.

Sometimes I get so involved in conversation with patients they almost miss their appointments!
(I have a reputation as a chatterbox at work…I just can’t shut up…ever!)👯🏼‍♀️
I never realized how marvelous it is to be able to be myself…to express myself as a woman in a career that brings me into face to face contact with so many cool people every day.

Before I came out, I worked as a police sergeant. I also dealt with people every day…face to face. While I realize that my job was totally different… *I was also different*

I presented as a male when I was a cop. I knew damn well I was trans because I was on HRT and in therapy for quite some time while I was in uniform. I even had a date set for my gender confirmation surgery!

I used to worry about the other cops noticing my ever increasing breast size or my comments, opinions, mannerisms and just about everything else about me. I would even put my ballistic vest on at home before going to work just to avoid the locker room.

I was living full time as a woman in every aspect of my life with the exception of my job and I can’t begin to describe how that tore at my very soul.

*I was living a lie* I lived the lie, which kept me from just being truly happy, for most of my life so these days I feel like somebody let me out of prison.
No exaggeration…I’m serious…that’s how it feels.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m trans. The reality of my transition is that while I think I look pretty damn good now, I still have an imperfect voice and a few other traits that are throwbacks to my past.

For instance…I’m an alpha personality..I always was and always will be…I don’t take shit from *anyone…ever*. Also, lots of people knew me in the past and I still deal with them on a regular basis. So I guess there are some things about me I realized I like and I *don’t want to change.*

*Your transition doesn’t change the essence of who you are.* If you were a caring and loving person…you still are. If you were an inconsiderate shithead…then guess what…you still are.

I remember when I thought the most wonderful thing about finally transitioning would be the ability to “pass” or “blend” as a CIS female.

Nowadays, while I think I usually do blend quite well (On my good days I’m downright fucking hot, lol💃🏼) …I don’t worry about it. With the exception of issues surrounding my personal safety…I just don’t give a fuck!

I didn’t transition (Years of therapy, HRT, surgery, social and financial risk…..) to accommodate other people’s perception of me. In fact, I actually think that I prefer if the people I associate with know that I’m trans. I don’t introduce myself saying, “Hi I’m Toni and I’m trans”, but at the same time I don’t go out of my way to hide it. I have the trans symbol heavily tattooed on my right forearm so yes, I advertise for our cause.

I’d love to hear other trans people share their thoughts on the topic of coming out, living trans…etc. If you want to discuss it heres your chance…judgement free!

“Love yourself!”

Toni Grace🕊


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