Heading from G+ to MeWe

Screenshot_20181203-054438So, I want to start out on MeWe the right way. I’ve been around on g+ and WordPress for quite a long time sharing my thoughts and feelings on lots of different things but primarily on all things Transgender and what my journey as a trans woman has (and is) all about.

I refer to my life before my transition as “living the lie” because it was a time when I wasn’t being honest with myself or with everyone around me. I was a projection of how I thought I had to look, think and act.

Well, those days are over and my facade has been torn down…joyfully torn down by me.
Today, I have zero tolerance for hatred, lies and bullying. I’m a vocal feminist, a totally out lesbian and an anti misogynist.
I value honesty, openness and sincerity above all else…sprinkled with empathy and a good portion of kindness.

If you are trans, know a trans person or just want to know a little bit about one woman’s struggle…here it is.
Toni Grace 🕊


#toni_grace #transgender #lgbtq #transition #MTF

4 thoughts on “Heading from G+ to MeWe

  1. I had to find an alternative to g+ since they are shutting down and a bunch of trans girls I know moved there as well. Its free and it seems pretty cool so far…you should give it a try.🦄


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