Voice Feminization


One of the things that doesn’t change when a trans woman begins hormone replacement therapy is our voices.

Trans men have an advantage over trans women in the area of developing a voice that is gender appropriate. When a trans man begins testosterone “T” therapy, his voice will deepen and usually there will be rapid and dramatic changes in pitch and tonality. I know trans men whose voices have deepened after only a few months on T.

Not so with trans women!”

I have been on estradiol for several years and I have substantial breast growth, almost no body hair and other fem body changes, but my voice was unaffected by taking E or by gender confirmation surgery.

I recently went though a voice feminization program at the State University and it was very helpful in feminizing my voice. It involves serious training, exercises, voice analysis and dedicated conscious effort for me to alter my voice. Its not easy. In fact I signed up to go through the entire 8 werk course again starting next week (A tough thing to do when you work during the day!)

I found a really cool app on Google Play that will analyze your voice for you at home and its free. Its called VOICE PITCH ANALYZER and it measures the frequency changes in your voice while you read a passage. It also gives you an analysis of how you sound AND it determines if your voice falls into the male, female or androgynous vocal ranges.

There aren’t many options open to trans women in the area of voice feminization other than voice training. There is a surgery that you can get but it costs a ton of money and you risk losing your voice COMPLETELY.
Your third option is to sound like a guy every time you open your mouth and for me that’s definitely not an option.

Give it a try and share your results with me … I’d love to hear!
Toni Grace👱‍♀️


3 thoughts on “Voice Feminization

  1. Nice post dear, I worked on my voice for a while but it still keeped cracking every couple of minutes, I haven’t bothered with it in some time now.
    I hope you get to we’re you want to be soon dear I know it’s not a easy thing to do.


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    1. Its a super difficult process which feels terribly awkward to do in public. I talk to patients at work both on the phone and in person. I NEVER get misgendered in person but on the phone it happens all the time and it hurts so much when it does. That reminder of a glaring personal imperfection is one of my motivators4 for change.

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