Living in the “Real World”

Oh yes, we all love glam shots! Cute twenty somethings posing for a camera that just adores them.

But, unless you live in a privileged world that doesn’t involve work, sweat and *REALITY*, that’s just not how it is every minute of the day.

If you are trans and living your life in your gender, then you soon discover the difference between correcting your gender dysphoria and the practicality of living a real and productive life.

When I have a day off, I have tons of chores to do. Today for example…
*Change the oil in my vehicle (The garage wanted $90 for a synthetic oil change🤤!)
*Pay bills, estrogen injection, shave my legs, cooking…ugh.

So, the last thing I’m going to do is worry about is my shade of lipstick, doing my hair or contouring my makeup.

My point is that you need to *live* while you transition. That doesn’t mean you should let yourself go to hell and neglect your appearance, just that you should develop a healthy balance in your life.

Roll up those sleeves, put your hair up and lets get goin!💪👱‍♀️🛠
Toni Grace💣

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