FFS……Facial Feminization Surgery

So it was a year and a couple of days since I had my bottom surgery and my transition continues….

During February 2019, I went up to the Boston Medical Center to have some of the “rough edges” of my facial features worked on.

My surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, turns out to be both a skilled surgeon and an skillful artist when it comes to bringing out fem features in women who are either CIS or trans. (Imagine replacing a sculptors chisel with a scalpel and working with skin and bone instead of stone)

So, without all the minutia, suffice it to say…

It hurt.

It was expensive.

…and it helped me tremendously with overcoming my dysphoria and in building my self esteem so it was worth every penny and every moment of discomfort.

Ill be posting more on my own experience in the near future but I wanted to explain my recent absence…I’m still alive and kicking! ⚘🏳️‍🌈🕊

Hugs….Toni Grace

#toni_grace #ffs #transgender #transition

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