I speak with transgender people every day. The medical center I work at has 700+ trans clients and a huge number of other members of the wider LGBTQ community. So my face to face interactions are ongoing and numerous…We ALL share the same concerns with regard to the hatred and avarice being generated by the Trump administration since 2016.While talking about how unfair and unjust the political system has been to trans people is cathartic and it feels good to “bitch” about it, it doesn’t really help to change a fucking thing.The attached letter is a response I received from Congressman Joe Courtney, after I voiced my concerns to him.If you are involved in the LGBTQ community (Which hopefully is why you are here!) then you might consider voicing your own “loud and proud” opinion to your own representative.Share your responses on your social media of choice…there’s power in numbers! 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸💪
Toni Grace

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