Trump: On the Vietnam War

Trump on the Vietnam War:
“I was never a fan of that war, I’ll be honest with you. I thought it was a terrible war. I thought it was very far away,” Trump said. “At that time, nobody had ever heard of the country.”

It seems to me that the men and women who chose to do the honorable thing during the Vietnam War were probably not “fans” of war either. They were aware that it was a “terrible war” (Like all wars…) and yes, it was far away (Not many recent wars have been fought in the New York metro area).

If you need to understand the cowardice, privilege and arrogance of Donald Trump, you have only to listen to his own words.
Toni Grace 🇺🇸🥀

3 thoughts on “Trump: On the Vietnam War

  1. That coward understands NOTHING! Most people aren’t “fans” of war. Our Vietnam Vets were spit on by very misguided people here at home! How dare he say something so dismissive as this!! He can’t even imagine.
    If he must lie, and he must, he could just answer that he couldn’t go (bone spurs, lie), so he shouldn’t speak on it.
    His, ” I’ll be honest with you”? We all know means, ‘I am about to lie & insult people’.

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    1. It boggles my mind how anyone, who is able to think, can’t wade though his numbing ignorance and narcissism. This man has brought the hate and avarice out in people who may have kept quiet about their most vile thoughts in any other circumstance. He is reconstructing behavioral norms through the power of his office and by manipulating existing laws and protections to groups of people who fought hard to achieve a semblance of parity with mainstream society. My heart bleeds for our country when I see hate branded under his name as a crusade to return to a blind and ignorant nation. “Make America Great Again” translates to a return to a world that was segregated and biased against women, migrants, the LGBTQ community and any other sub population that struggled so hard to simply be recognized as valued human beings.
      Please excuse my ranting but if I don’t let it out I think Ill implode!

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      1. Oh, girl, I so understand! Now he ordered that Pride flags are not to be flown on gov’t flag poles? More hatred & insult every day! He & his ilk actively work to dehumanize & injure & even encourage the murder of the very VALUED human beings you mention. How dare that man!
        Toni, I worry for the LGBTQ community. Especially trans people. My new nephew is 14 & just came out as trans. I worry for him. He finally smiles! Will he feel he needs to hide who he is to be safe because of this hateful atmosphere that is again increasing? Or any LGBT friends hurt or murdered.
        Now it’s my turn to ask for you to excuse my rantings. Although I write to my Congresspeople, I feel powerless at times. I vote. I stand with all LGBT people. It just doesn’t seem like enough.


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