New in My World…🌎

Ok, lets see what’s new here in my little world…

So I’m still working as a Patient Rep here in beautiful New England …and its been a blast. Our facility is growing at a phenomenal rate and check THIS out…We now have 840 transgender patients between our three locations!!!
I’ve met some of the most wonderful people here and there isn’t a single day that goes by where I don’t interact with a trans woman or man.
We have people come in who are just beginning to transition and starting hrt (EXCITING STUFF!🎈)…trans women prepping for GCS surgery and those like myself, who have been on “the journey” for years.
I can’t begin to say what a wonderful experience its been for me to get to talk to these folks! I’ve gotten to meet trans teens who come in with their parents all right through the spectrum to older trans people who are in retirement. They come from every background under the sun…but there is one thing I’ve noticed that these exquisite people have in common…they all have HOPE.
Hope is contagious. Hope in one person spurs hope in everyone they meet. Its a breath of life and an inspiration to see.

My facility is both innovative and remarkably cutting edge. We sponsor:
Trans Yoga
Trans Group Therapy
Trans Swims
Trans Acupuncture
Trans Game Night ….the list is huge.
I recently began a program at the University of Rhode Island for trans women involving voice feminization. (Its my second run though the program…I’m a stubborn case…lol! )

If you are in transition, my advice to you is that you *”get involved”.* While transition is the most personal and individualized life experience I can think of, its best not done in isolation. In fact, in order to be a healthy, functioning and whole person, I firmly believe that we need to experience our growth in general society.
Easy? No.
Necessary? Yes.
Have a great weekend…stay strong and be you!
Toni Grace 🌻

#transgender #lgbtq #transition

One thought on “New in My World…🌎

  1. Beautiful photo of yourself!
    My trans nephew is in counseling (he’s 14) which he is enjoying. His coming out & counseling has helped him greatly. His father, my brother, suspects (knows), but said if the discussion he wants with him is about gender issue, he doesn’t want to know. So, his mother won’t use requested he/him or his name. This is too uncomfortable for her so she told almost no one.
    I received permission to take him to a trans center. I am so glad to hear more about yours. I have been unsure where to take him as I couldn’t find a place that had programs for trans teens to meet & interact. I planned to just take him to a LGBTQ center to get better info. After reading about your clinic that is what I’ll do once his mother approves a day. I believe she thinks it’s a phase.
    I will continue to work with my brother on love & acceptance.
    Thanks for listening and FOR ALL YOU DO to help other on their journey.


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