Even in the hospital…!

In early September 2019, I went in for breast augmentation surgery. I had GCS (gender confirmation surgery) back in 2018 and correcting my top was something I dreamt of for years.

So I went to Women’s and Infants Hospital in Providence RI and I’m in the pre-surgery room getting prepped for my procedure. I had the most wonderful group of female nurses and techs buzzing around me and honestly, we laughed so hard I almost had to change my panty liner!

…and then there was **”the guy”.** The guy is a male nurse and he took my medical history, vitals etc.
So this guy is talking to other staff members about my stats and each time he referred to me he used a male “he” pronoun.

Now mind you, I’m post op so I have a vagina. I also present very fem so there’s no mistaking where I’m at. Additionally, ALL my documents (including the hospital wristband) show my gender as female and I’m in the fucking Women’s and Infants Hospital.

So he misgenders me for like the 5th time (in front of a room full of people) and now I’m getting pissed off.

I called him closer and in the presence of his peers I said to him, “Hey dude, I want you to do me a favor. Once they put me under anesthesia I want you to lift up the sheet covering me and take a peek between my fucking legs”.
I told him that, “Maybe seeing my vagina staring him in the face might help him with his pronoun issues.”

The reaction was perfect! All the other (female) nurses in the room burst out laughing and Mr Nurse Dumbfuck rapidly walked out of the room to be seen no more!

The moral of the story: My discomfort at your hands is NOT my problem. Its YOUR problem and Ill make sure you know it!

BTW….The surgery worked out perfectly! 🦋🏳️‍🌈🎈

Toni Grace 🦋

#toni_grace #transgender

5 thoughts on “Even in the hospital…!

  1. Good for you, Toni! You should NEVER have to take that shit from anyone. I love what a strong woman you are! An inspiration for ALL women!
    I’m glad your surgery came out great. Congratulationson achieving another personal goal.


    1. Hi Honey! Sorry I disappeared for a bit but with surgery and recovery I’ve been in a different orbit…lol! Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes. You made me smile👯🏼‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person

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