An anthem for Transgender people…

As a trans woman, I know the fatigue and frustration so many transgender people experience every day….just trying to live their lives and coexist in the world

Laura Jane Grace….One of my favorite musicians, who happens to be a trans woman…expresses it perfectly in her song “Black Me Out”. I think it might resonate with you as well.

Toni Grace💜

Link to Black Me Out on You Tube

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Transgender Military Ban

*Trump’s Transgender Military ban is now in effect.*

If you really want to peek into the collective minds of the Pentagon and the Draft Dodger in Chief, you only have to read a direct quote made earlier this week:

The Pentagon has used a rhetorical sleight of hand to insist the “new policy doesn’t actually ban transgender people,” arguing *”service members can simply pretend they’re not and serve as their birth sex”*

I can now say I have heard EVERYTHING!
Toni Grace

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Trans “Acceptance” (…or lack thereof)

*Four percent of Americans had been on a date with a transgender person in the last year.  But just over a quarter of surveyed respondents said they  would not tell anyone if they had sex with a transgender person….and it gets worse. If you are trans then you know how it feels to be treated like “an imitation”, “second best” or a creature who should be hidden and whispered about. If you aren’t trans then this article is also for you…
if you want to know how hard it is to be openly transgender in society today. READ ON….
Toni Grace🕊

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A Moment in My Life…🏳️‍🌈💃🏼

So I was having blood drawn at my job today and an “inquisitive” coworker came by and asked, “Hey Toni what’s the blood test for?” I looked at her and in my most sincere and serious voice responded, “Its a pregnancy test hun.”
She did a double take and just kinda looked at me.
The phlebotomists, whom I know, lost it. One laughed so hard she had tears running down her face.
Oh gawd…I’m bad!

Toni Grace💃🏼💋

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Monday Morning…🌞🕢

So, I know how everyone feels about going to work on Monday.

If you let your self talk wander into the negative zone it can really suck.

No matter what you do for a living, I’m sure most of you deal with people on one level or another and whether you realize it or not, you impact these people and you influence their moods and how they feel. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, a police officer or something less glamorous such as a medical receptionist (Which is my current profession)

The author Charles Dickens said it best in a very simple statement that is relative to life in general. Its my mantra when I interact with people every day…


Charles Dickens